Artificial Intelligence Heroes: An Ambulance And A Doctor

By on August 7, 2016

Of course, artificial intelligence plays hero all the time.   But often these occurrences are buried within an algorithm or a predictive decision that keeps AI as the silent assistant.  Or, conversely, when artificial intelligence is assumed to fail (Tesla’s Autopilot), everyone seems to notice.

Two unique incidences have surfaced in the news where AI is being lauded as a hero.

First, a Tesla drove a man who was having a pulmonary embolism to the hospital.  The potential to save lives in this circumstance is significant. Studies show that about 5-10 percent of auto accidents are due to chronic medical conditions.

And in Japan, Watson diagnosed a rare form of Leukemia.  Apparently, doctors were not able to connect the patient’s symptoms to a specific diagnosis.

We still need ambulances.  And Watson can’t replace House, M.D., just yet.  But Doctors are so busy, the idea that a computer can help with the diagnosis process has incredible potential.

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