Briefly: Children’s Hospital In Los Angeles Uses Big Data For Research

By on July 3, 2013

Thanks to connected devices and big data, medical researchers now have access to continuous data from various sources to study outcomes.  Silicon Angle reports that Children’s Hospital In Los Angeles uses Hadoop to combine machine data, medical records, etc. to conduct research.  In this case, the research supported a grant that required high frequency vital sign recording after medical therapy.

According to  Mohamed Elmallah, at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, data like this used to be deleted, but now it can be stored and analyzed.

A simple user interface was provided using basic HTML to query the database.  The analytics at some point may be embedded into an EMR.

Note that according to Elmallah, the patient data was de-itentified (possibly for HIPPA).

Interview with Elmallah, thanks to Silicon Angle:

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