How the Internet Of Things Connects Parents To Baby

By on July 23, 2013
Baby Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things shows promise in many industries – manufacturing, retail, transportation, technology.  All very important and literally billions of dollars are being poured into making devices smart and connected every day all around the world.

But what about IoT for our daily lives?  How can connected devices help in life hacking – making things easier and more efficient?

Internet of Things and healthcare – specifically infant healthcare – is an area that shows terrific promise.  It’s no secret that the baby monitoring business is booming.  With two parents working and the busy lives new parents lead, monitoring baby’s every move is critical.

It can even be life-saving.  Take the company Rest Devices.  They’re working on a very cool product called Peeko Monitor that they claim will “change the way parents think ab out, interact with, and learn about their baby.”

Here’s the features of the Peeko Monitor:

  • Monitors respiration, body position, activity level, temperature, and audio
  • Smartphone app lets you see your baby’s breathing and sleep wherever you are
  • Customizable alerts so you’re always informed
  • Connects to your home’s WiFi
  • Fully machine washable

Rest Devices won 1st place at the 2012 Postscapes Internet of Things Awards in the Connected Body category.

For parents of a baby with a medical condition, this can truly me a life-saver.

Other implications of this technology, beyond medical health, include associating physiology with environment. For example, parents can be alerted when a baby is in stress (e.g., a dangerous situation or requires care).

Additionally, as with many IoT endeavors, the research implications are significant.  With large samples of longitudinal health data, contributions can be made to infant health research.


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