The Industrial Internet Revolution and IoT

By on July 15, 2013

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Internet of Things movement is what’s called the Industrial Internet. This is the gigantic universe of “smart” industrial equipment around the planet and the torrent of data that is being created from these smart devices.

Not only is there unlocked value in harnessing information stored in what is now called “data lakes” (huge reservoirs of raw, big data) from these devices, there is a huge potential business demand building for the development of specialized platforms, data models, and systems integrators to build out these new ecosystems. For example, we’re now seeing “industrial cloud” solutions to store all this data.

Everyone knows that information does not equal intelligence. The first step in creating smart ecosystems from data collected around devices is to get that data in order. The ability to “fish out” the data that matters is critical. By the time information locked in a vendor’s device footprint is ‘ready’ for analyzing, that information might be obsolete or the window of opportunity for monetizing that data may have been lost.

Companies like GE and IBM are investing billions in developing proprietary systems (and systems partners) for the coming Industrial Internet Revolution. That starts with the ability to store the data as the way it arrives and then overlay the metadata (or tag it) for the users to navigate through the data and fish information out of these data lakes.

The innovation is exhilarating. Click here to see more about GE’s Industrial Internet plans.

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